The New Book of Revelations v2.0
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And so it was written, The New Book of Revelations, version 2.0:
  • The Universe - The universe is vast. Even the celestial realms of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory have not yet been able to explore and chart the myriad worlds, planes, and dimensions constituting the entirety of existence. Amazing new discoveries await all of us.

  • Evolution and Humans - We are somewhat reticent to reveal this information to denizens of the planet Earth, but here it goes -- humans are not the final species in the evolutionary process of your planet. As with your predecessors and their predecessors, you will one day evolve into a higher form of life, if you do not destroy your planet before the Singularity can occur.

  • The Afterlife is Not Guaranteed - The world contains many wonderful things. Enjoy living in the present, have the courage to create your own reality, and love thy neighbor. Compose, live, and share your own Book of Revelations. Celebrate life. . . every day of it.

  • Greed and Fear - These are two of the most powerful human emotions, the widespread manipulation of which fuel the Earth's economy, financial markets (e.g., "Wall Street"), government, and even most religions. The pervasive perceptions of Heaven and Hell are used as control mechanisms to keep humans orderly and submissive through their fear of Hell and greed to enter Heaven.

  • The Power of Denial - Denial is the ultimate human medicine. Without the power of denial, humans would not have the strength to cope with the horrific and anxiety-producing aspects of their everyday reality.

  • Enlightenment and Insanity - Awareness is a slippery slope which forces the seeker of knowledge to walk a fine line between enlightenment and insanity. The groupthink mentality and short attention span of Earth's inhabitants, facilitated by the mainstream media, discourages awareness and encourages ignorance and conformity. It also punishes the majority of individuals who have the courage to open the doors of their mind, because they will no longer be able to blindly and harmoniously operate within the system.

  • Pain, Suffering, and Creativity - Oddly, or perhaps not, the greatest works of art seem to arise from pain and suffering of their creators. When life is good and easy, more often than not the artist succumbs to the low-hanging pleasure fruits dangling at every street corner. Luckily, few societies actually reward the efforts of artists, which guarantees an abundant pool of starving artists from which great works can be created.

  • Separation of Church and State - Without this crucial separation, religions are manipulated and abused as a form of control by the State. They become a powerful marketing tool to keep citizens subservient to the State's agenda, and occasionally to promote hatred and rally support for wars. On the flip side, the State could end up under the control of religious organizations, which would then make laws to persecute individuals holding different beliefs. Even the United States Constitution mandates the separation of Church and State (refer to the First Ammendment). However, recent trends would make us believe otherwise. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is a good resource to learn more about preserving your religious freedom.

  • Dangers of Globalization - Globalization in its ultimate form essentially creates a world monopoly consisting of a central government, economy, and media dominated by a small number of dangerously powerful and incestuous entities. Not only will this take away the common citizen's freedom and individuality, but it will also make the Earth a very dull place to live. Do you want your planet dominated by a few megacorporations, feeding your mind and body whatever they decide is best for you (i.e., best for them)? Think about it, and digest some Enlightenment, before it is too late.

  • The Earth is Worth Saving! - And the view from the celestial realms is that there are scattered communities of individuals working to change your world in positive ways. The existence of such a phenomenon gives us hope that many destructive and oppressive trends on Earth can be halted and gradually reversed. Open your mind, take a step forward, and leave your mark upon the world.

  • Would You Like to Share Your Own Revelations? - We are assembling the New Book of Revelations V3.0, which is a compilation of revelations from your fellow human beings. If you would like to be part of this project, please send your personal revelations to: . In your message, let us know whether you would like us to include your name (or alias) or prefer to remain anonymous. Note: We will not be able to publish all submissions, but we look forward to reading them. A link to the new Book will be posted on this page, so check back in the coming weeks.

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